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Dear Reader,

Lama Dechen Yeshe Wangmo

Lama Dechen Yeshe Wangmo

It's now forty years since I set out on the Vajrayana path. In 2001, I established Jnanasukha Foundation as a nonprofit simply to fund the translation of the "Dudjom Dakini Heart Essence."

Today, I'm honored to work joyfully every day for the Foundation through the Tsogyal Center for online learning and practice,  Vajrayana World blog, a scholarship and grants program, pilgrimages to Tibet and financially supporting two sacred sites of Yeshe Tsogyal in Tibet. This is why I run five websites and communicate with 4,000+ email subscribers.

I think about this growth every day. In my mind, it's a blessing from my teachers. Honestly, I'm amazed that Jnanasukha has come this far in supporting Vajrayana, the Dudjom tradition, and practitioners East and West! With the rest of my karmic lifespan, I want to continue doing this and I dream of more.

Fundraising and Vajrayana in the same sentence—who likes that? Not me.

The gift of Vajrayana is the gift of exceptional knowledge about ourselves and the world and the re-purposing of our life toward enlightenment. This can only happen in a field called mandala populated by masters, teachers, scriptures, and practitioners.

Dharma history, societal or biographical, is a tale of faith and strength in the face of challenges, inner and outer.

To remedy this, it's been decided to make a concentrated effort to find New Monthly Patrons during the month of June.

As a Monthly Patron, you will be helping people reach enlightenment and live more meaningful lives through Dharma, the Dudjom teachings and its exceptional tradition of the female buddhas based on Yeshe Tsogyal. I believe there's a way for everyone to play a role in the Jnanasukha mission.

Please take a look at my Monthly Patron Options & Benefits below and see if something is right for you. Thank you and Tashi Delek!

Lama Dechen Yeshe Wangmo