Sutra Explaining the Fifteen Miracle Days

In 2016, the blessings of the Miracle Days fill every day from the new moon until the full moon on February 22. During this time, the effects of virtue (and non-virtue) are magnified 100,000 times due to the power of the Buddha’s intentions for this special time of the year.
The last day, February 22 is called Chotrul Tenpa which means Display of Miracles. It is one of the four major days of the year when the effects are multiplied ten million times.

Here, for you to enjoy, is an excerpt on the magnificence of these precious days, sourced with permission from The Door of Liberation, Geshe Wangyal, Wisdom Publications

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—Ani Ngawang Sangye Chozom, a Jnanasukha researcher & sometimes cat whisperer