Our activities bring Yeshe Tsogyal into our lives.

There is no end to my vow of practice & training.
—Yeshe Tsogyal


In 2002, when I created The Jnanasukha Foundation, I was not aware of the potential I was tapping into. It turned out to be nothing less than Yeshe Tsogyal's activities! But at the time, I was merely thinking of how to fund the translation of five hundred pages of her teachings, The Dakini Heart Essence compendium.

After the translation project, opportunities just started coming. The most important was the rise of Internet technology and the most surprising, was my karmic connection with Tsogyal Latso, Tsogyal's birthplace in Tibet.

Fast forward to now, and every year is filled with amazement and gratitude for the Foundation's unfolding fields of activity and the growing global sangha we serve.

And. . . the work is often lots of fun! When stumbling blocks and challenges arise, the Directors come together. We brainstorm, adjust and innovate. And through it all, we know that Yeshe Tsogyal will illuminate our path. Tashi Delek!