In 2015, Jnanasukha Foundation created a scholarship program for study and practice in the Nyingma tradition, especially the Dudjom New Treasures (Tersar) and The Dakini Heart Essence (Khandro Thuk Thik). Awards up to US$500 are available twice a year.

We welcome applications from around the world. Preference is given to those who have studied and practiced Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism for at least five years, who have completed or will complete the traditional three-year retreat and to monastics.

Scholarships are awarded for attending teaching programs or for personal or group retreats under the guidance of a lineage lama.

Scholarships are not awarded for travel, meals and lodgings.

Scholarships are paid to the program's host organization, not to the scholarship recipient. 

Applicants must demonstrate financial need.

Applicants may be asked to schedule a video conference, submit a letter of recommendation from their teacher and/or submit further documentation.

Applications are accepted online from May 1 - May 31 and from October 1 - October 30. Candidates will be notified within two weeks of submission.

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