the tsogyal center online:

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The Tsogyal Center is an online platform for Jnanasukha Foundation’s Joyful Lotus Grove of Scripture & Realization, inaugurated by Repkong Lama Tsedrup Tharchin Rinpoche in 2010.

Cyberspace is now part of everyone's life and should be used to offer and share meaningful buddhadharma.

Online or offline, Dharma begins as a rethinking of ideas and notions—which is why education is important. In Vajrayana, the highest


 wisdom arises through scriptural learning and personal realization, i.e., through education and practice. For the Nyingma, they are equally important. In Tibet, the plan was to attend a Dharma college for five years and then to practice in retreat for another five years. Clearly, we don't have these circumstances, yet, I believe we can learn and practice well and be happy in our dharmic circumstances.

Partial scholarships available upon application on the Tsogyal Center website.

Please join me!
 —Lama Dechen Yeshe Wangmo